Accessing your Hosting Control Panel (Site Admin Control Panel)

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If you're a site administrator, you have access to a Web-based control panel to manage your virtual host. We use a popular control panel system known as Plesk to make it easy for you to administrate your websites, email accounts, and other services. Among other things, your control panel will allow you to perform the functions listed below:

  • Create mailboxes / users
  • Set-up email aliases for mailboxes
  • Add auto-responders
  • Create Mailman Mailing Lists
  • Password protect directories
  • Manage files using a Web based file manager
  • Access MySQL Databases
  • Backup your site

Note: Not all features may be availble for all accounts. Please contact us if you're unable to access a feature you need.

Login to your control panel

Login at:

You may also access the control panel by adding ":8443" to the end of your own domain name.

Your username and password to access the main account of the control panel is usually the same username and password that you use to access your site using FTP.  If you have been a longtime customer, your username may be different and will need to contact us for your login information if you've forgotten it.

Logging into your control panel

Your Control Panel Start Screen

Control Panel Start Screen

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