E-mail Settings for IMAP and POP E-mail Accounts

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Your Hyperlinked hosting account comes with email service. Accounts can be added from the Hosting Control Panel. You have the option of using the built in Web mail service that you can access at https://webmail.[yourdomain.com] or you may use any mail program that uses the POP3 or IMAP protocol to transfer email.

If you want to have a stored copy of all of your email from a laptop or desktop computer regardless of if you have an Internet connection at the time, use POP to get your email. If you will be checking from multiple devices and want to keep your inbox in synch in real time, use IMAP. 

Email counts as against your space quota! If you configure your e-mail program to leave copies of your mail on the server or you're using IMAP as your connection protocol, be sure to keep an eye on your space usage.

Recommended Mail Program Settings

Protocol: POP or IMAP
E-mail Address: Any
Incoming Mail Server: cranium.hyperlinked.com
Outgoing Mail Server: cranium.hyperlinked.com

Username: [email protected]
Password: password

The username and password for both incoming and outgoing emails is the same. If your program allows you to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for your mail connections, use it. 

Incoming Mail Server may be referred to as a "POP/IMAP Email Server" by your mail program. Outgoing Mail Server may be referred to as "SMTP Server" by your email program.

Supported Mail Server Ports

Most likely your mail program will choose the correct ports for you and you don't need to fuss with port numbers, but if you're having difficulty setting up your email or your mail program requires advanced configuration, you may need to manually enter in the port numbers for your mail program. Your mail program may have a checkbox that asks if you would like to use SSL or encryption on the preferences panel where you would set your mail server ports. If you see a checkbox asking you this, please choose it.

Incoming Mail Port for POP3: 995 
Incoming Mail Port for IMAP: 993
Outbound SMTP Mail Port: 587

Due to security concerns, we only allow for mail transfers using the secure ports displayed above. Traffic passed across these ports are automatically encrypted for privacy and safety. If your mail program attempts to use an insecure port (110, 143, or 25), an attempt will be made to automatically redirect it to the secure port. For best results, you should have your mail settings configured to use the secure port to begin with. 

Note: Many Internet Service Providers block outbound email server ports. If you're unable to send, please try using port 587 as your outbound mail server's port number. You may find that you're able to send if your computer or device is connected using WiFi, but not if you're connected through mobile broadband as service providers have different restrictions for mobile broadband data. If your provider is blocking you from sending through your preferred mail account, you can contact them  to ask them to unblock port 465 or port 587. If they refuse, your other option is to use eitheir your provider's mail service to send email or use a well known third party mail service such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail as your outbound mail service.

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