Tips to Avoid Getting a Lot of Spam

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Contrary to popular belief, most of your spam doesn’t come from websites or organizations that have sold your email address to other parties. Spammed email addresses are usually “harvested” by data collecting programs set-up by spammers to find email addresses posted on websites. The best advice to avoid spam is to never post your email address in a public place. If you have to post your email address publicly, you may want to create an alias for your actual email address and use the alias address temporarily. When you no longer need it, you can delete it and all spam sent to the alias address will bounce.

Unfortunately, there are many ways you can end up getting spam even when you’ve done everything right. It’s virtually impossible to keep your mailbox spam free.All of our servers have two levels of spam protection enabled to block or flag junk email. We employ a “black hole list” and user controlled spam filters to help you minimize the amount of junk email that you get.The “black hole list” is a transparent service that compares all incoming email against a real-time list of known high volume sources of junk email on the Internet. If the email was sent by a “black listed” source, the email is blocked and all email from that source will continue to be blocked until it stops sending spam.Spam filters scan and analyze email contents to see if it’s spam and all users have access to adjust the sensitivity level of their spam filters.

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