Using Yahoo Mail with your Hosting Email Account(s)

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If you wish to connect an email account that you have in your hosting environment to Yahoo Mail or Gmail, please follow the steps below to get your accounts configured properly.

For AT&T / Yahoo Mail

Note, these setup instructions only work in Yahoo Mail Classic. If you're using the new Yahoo Mail, these instructions may not be completely correct.


  1. Login to Yahoo Mail
  2. In the upper right corner, find a link that says either "Options" or "Mail Options" and click on it
  3. Click on Mail Addresses.
  4. You should see a box with all email accounts that you have connected to your Yahoo Mail on the next screen. The first line will always be "Yahoo Mail." Click on the "Add" button above this box.
  5. The next screen should say "Step 1." Enter a nickname for this account. The name doesn't matter. It's only to help you remember which account you're setting up.
  6. The next screen should say "Step 2." Enter your name and the email address that you are connecting to Yahoo Mail.
  7. The next screen should say "Step 3." Fill out the form by following the diagram below. Substitute the name of your own website for "" and enter your password in the password field and click the "setup Mail Server" button. (Note: If you have difficulty retrieving mail, you may need to uncheck "Use SSL")
    Yahoo Mail Add Account Settings
  8. The next screen should say "Verify Account." Click on the "Send Verification" button. 
  9. An email will be sent to the email account that you want to link up with Yahoo Mail. You will need to access this account through the webmail program that's setup on your hosting environment to verify to Yahoo Mail that you are indeed the owner of this account and not someone trying to spoof another user's email. Until you verify this account, you will not be able to send email using this identity, but you can receive email (assuming you entered everything correctly in #7 above).
  10. Login to your server based webmail.
  11. Find your verification email and click on the verification link. 
  12. The verification link will take you back to Yahoo Mail to a verification page with your verification code filled in. Click on the Verify Account button to complete the verification and setup process.
  13. You may be asked to provide your password to continue. If you are asked, you must enter your password to complete the last step.
  14. Congratulations, in 14 easy steps, you've now set-up your email account to work with Yahoo Mail for sending and receiving!

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