Transferring Your Website From Another Service

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Hyperlinked Web Services offers free transfers of websites hosted on other hosting services to one of our servers. If you need your website transferred for you, just request a site transfer when filling out our hosting request form. If you prefer to do the transfer yourself, here are some tips to ensure a smooth transfer.

  1. Backup all of your files including mail, MySQL databases, and cgi-bin scripts
  2. Download all of your email from your old hosting server
  3. Set all of your email accounts on your old server to forward your email to an alternate email account unrelated to your old or new hosting servers. You will use this alternate email service until your domain's name server information has been updated across the Internet.
  4. Login to your Hyperlinked Hosting Control Panel using the administrative username and password provided and set-up new user accounts and e-mail aliases to mirror those on your old server.
  5. Use your temporary FTP access settings to FTP to your Hyperlinked server and upload your Website files.
  6. Update your Nameserver settings for your domain with your domain name registration company.
  7. Allow up to 48 hours for your domain name changes to take effect and direct visitors to your website's new location.
  8. Update your mail server settings for your E-mail client.
  9. After the name server edits have been propagated throughout the Internet, you should be able to access your POP or IMAP email accounts set up on your new Hyperlinked host. If you're not sure if the nameserver change has completed or not, contact the help desk.

It's possible that some Internet Service Providers not will have the updated nameserver information as quickly as others which can result in web traffic continuing to get directed to your old site for the first 24 to 48 hours even if you're able to access your new site without problems. Typically, this discrepancy is relatively minor and all major Internet Service Providers will synch up within a few hours of each other.To minimize the problems that this can cause for visitors, email, and users, it's recommended that you pick weekends or other low traffic times when moving your site.

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