Web Development Project Phases

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Every Web Development project is unique because the needs and abilities of each of our clients are different. The outline below provides an example of the progression your website might follow on its way to completion, but there is no one size fits all model to successfully completing a Web Development Project. You may find that your site will be carried out differently depending on what you're asking for.

  • Consultation Phase
    We'll work with you to define the goals that you want to achieve with your website and how those goals would be met. Prior to your free consultation, we request that you fill out our online (Web Design Questionnaire)

  • Proposal and Project Contract
    After we've evaluated your requirements, we'll draft a one to two page proposal outlining the scope of your project. Upon verbal approval, the terms of the proposal will be put into a contract that both parties must sign. A minimum deposit of 25% of the project cost is required up front.

  • Drafting of Site Navigation Outline
    We do a detailed analysis of the information that your website will contain and sketch a hierarchical outline of how the pages in your site will be structured.

  • Creation of Site Template(s)
    One or more visual themes will be created. Mock-ups of how your website would look are created as image files and are developed into HTML templates upon your approval.

  • Code and Content Development
    Pages for your website are created based on the chosen site template(s). 

  • Feedback and Refinement
    After the site is created, we'll go through and test it to make sure that it works the way we intended it to work and touch up the visual design and content. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback and request changes to the finished product.

  • Final Review
    Once you give us a final approval, your new website will be made live.

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